Dear user, thank you for installing kubeinvaders!

This is a chaos engineering tool written by luckysideburn and friends from for the community of kubernetes users, software developers, and admins.
It was born in 2019 as a gamified chaos engineering tool, and we are evolving it into a more serious instrument :d
here's how it works
For reports, bugs, ideas you can open issue on the project github repo or write to luckysideburn [at] gmail [dot] com

[[game mode button]]
Enabling the game console allows you to kill pods and launch workloads to stress cluster nodes (check "show keys and options" to understand how to do it). You can also jump between namespace and many other things.

[[add http check & chaos report checkbox]]
Use it to activate the monitoring of an ingress and generate real-time reporting. it's very useful to know what happens to your applications during chaos sessions. for now, we monitor the elapsed time of http calls and status codes. also, you have some very useful default metrics:

Selected namespace => indicates the current namespace focused on by the tool. you can jump between selected namespaces during installation.

>Deleted pods total => total number of killed pods.

Current chaos pods => when the node stress test mode is activated, this metric indicates the number of jobs stressing your cluster.

Current replicas state delay => a very important metric, indicates how long your cluster takes to return to the desired state that was before the chaos engineering session.

[[enable prog. mode button (under development)]]
Through yaml programming, you can define your own chaos engineering experiments and execute them. we have preloaded some presets for various open-source tools to stress test (this feature is still in development, so contributions are welcome).
Selected Namespace:  NULL
Deleted Pods Total:  0
Chaos Jobs Total:  0
Current Chaos Pods:  0
Not Running Pods:  0
Current Replicas State Delay:  0 sec
Latest Replicas State Delay:  0 sec